I read and critiqued short stories from three classmates in my fiction writing class. As for writing, I wrote a new essay – “Space Tomatoes” – and a short poem – “Erotica” – for a weekly #Wednesday Challenge on The goal is 50,000 words by the end of November by writing rapidly and without regard to quality. The goal will be extra challenging this year because of school, but I do plan to participate.

The judge in this particular ruling may have determined that enabling and storing these logs was not unduly burdensome.

Technology for recording and transcribing telephone calls and other “epemeral information” has already or will soon come down in complexity and price.

Meanwhile, vidcasts (another term for video podcasts) have become increasingly popular in just the past few weeks, as reflected in the increasing number of them rising in the ranks of the top 100 podcasts listed by i Tunes.

Several vidcast and IPTV directories have recently launched online to cover the burgeoning technology news and commentary series produced by amateurs and independent producers.

As technology improves, however, this burden may be lessened until a company could reasonable honor such requests.

Recording RAM data is possible today, if still expensive and intensive.With video now available for your i Pod, your cellphone, your television, your computer, your car, your sunglasses, and your refrigerator, there is only one place left for video to go.Before I tell you where that is (it should be obvious by now,) let me highlight recent announcements about the future of video.The perfect existence, I think, would be to read and to write and to think and to sleep (until sleeping is cured), and to be interrupted occasionally by experience.I imagine this flow of time would resemble Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge’s theory of punctuated equilibrium.Scientists plan to study the tail to learn more about the evolution of red giants as well as how such tails form in the first place.