If you want to know why basketball means so much to us, watch the documentary The Other Dream Team, produced by Marius A. The first year we participated, Ovidijus Vyšniauskas finished last, without a single point.After that, Lithuania withdrew and didn’t return until 1999. Every May, after the contest is finished, the press floods with harsh critiques about Lithuania’s performance.and this problem getting even bigger because lithuanian women choose over foreigner rather than lithuanian just because of misconceptions and first impressions. The answers to these questions You will find in this video! This dyke is talking about lithuanian girls, whereas she is not a lithuanian I’m Lithuanian and I can tell you that women in Lithuania are gold diggers they can get away with stuff very easily.

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I won’t judge all Lithuanian girls like this because I know there is good and bad in all cultures. lithuanian women are very difficult to handle unless you have money.

they can do pretty much anything to get what they want free.

Once you say you’re from Lithuania, he nods with acknowledgement and orders a shot of vodka to demonstrate how well he knows your culture. ” No, vodka is not the national drink of Lithuania.

When you politely refuse, you automatically get this reply: “What? The national drink of Lithuania is actually mead that’s made from honey.

Here’s how it usually goes down: You’re standing by the bar and a hot guy approaches you.

He starts with the usual ice-breaker and asks where you’re from.

And for the record, we also like beer, just like everyone else in the world.

When one of my friends recently visited Lithuania, we sat at a bar where he ordered a German beer. ” Lithuanians make some impressive beers, having won numerous international awards for the subtle taste and high quality of the drink.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been called Russian, Polish, or Latvian. ” followed by a long sigh that’s supposed to prove they do know where it is. “It’s above Poland and below Latvia.” “Oh, Poland.” “No, I mean Lithuania is above Poland.” “Above Poland? Due to our rather tragic national history, we do not like to be associated with Russia at all.