The total number of translators is about two hundred and fifty (of which ten belong to the sixteenth century, five to the seventeenth, sixteen to the eighteenth, and over two hundred to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries), but the total number of entries is, of course, very con- siderably higher, inasmuch as some writers have translated a great num- ber of passages in various years and in various works ; under Chaucer, for example, twenty or more passages are registered, and under Leigh Hunt as many as a hundred, while even this total is exceeded in several cases. For the names of the less well-known American trans- lators I am chiefly indebted to the various bibliographical publications of Mr. I have included in my list not only complete translations of Dante's several works, but also selections from any particular work, as well as what may be described as ** incidental" translations of isolated passages (sometimes very brief), such as occur in the works of Chaucer, Mil- ton, Coleridge, of Macaulay, Ruskin, Carlyle, and of numerous minor writers. Finally, of Sonnet xxxii (''Guido, vorrei che tu e Lapo ed io") there are fourteen renderings, one of which (an adaptation) is by Hayley, the first to employ terza rima in an English translation from Dante,® and another by Shelley. I should perhaps add, in conclusion, that I propose later to publish a volume of selected specimens from the translations here registered, to which the matter now printed may in some sort serve as an introduc- tion.

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The judges of the essays are a committee of the Dante Society. The usual business was transacted and the officers of the pre- vious year reelected, Mr. The Society took a number of copies in addition to those subscribed for by individual members, and the Secretary can supply these for the original subscription price of seven dollars, with a slight additional charge for XX ANNUAL REPORT express.

The sheets on which the essay is written must be securely stitched together. For an essay entitled A Translation of the Canzoni in the Convito, Alain Campbell White .... The Latham Prize for an essay entitled A Translation of the Quaestio de Aqua ct Terra, and a Discussion of its Authenticity, Alphonso de Salvio .... For an essay entitled The Verse Endings in the Divina Commedia in which Dante has made ''li vocaboli direnelle sue rime altro che quello cl C erano appo gli altri dicitori usati di sprimere,^' Fritz Hagens .... For an essay entitled A Critical Comment of the De Vulgari Eloquio, ANNUAL REPORT The Dante Society held its twenty-fourth annual meeting at the house of Professor Norton, in Cam- bridge, on Tuesday evening, May i6, 1905. Shortly after the meeting the Concordance was published and copies were distributed to subscribers.

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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. k OFFICERS FOR 1904-1905 CHARLES ELIOT NORTON l^ict l^ef i Oent EDWARD STEVENS SHELDON j SSUmbni of tbe Council MISS MARY AUGUSTA SCOTT CHARLES ALLEN DINSMORE ALAIN CAMPBELL WHITE Itbranan WILLIAM COOLIDGE LANE ** Cnmifridgg^ Mass. The date of any particular vi PREFATORY NOTE translation may be found without difficulty by means of the Alpha- betical Index oj Translators,^ where the date of the prst translation of each author is given — subsequent translations (if any) may be found by means of the cross-references in the foot-notes to the general list. The table is strictly chronological, in the order of the dates of com- position (when known), or of publication. Besides the Alphabetical Index oj Translators already mentioned, I have provided a Table of the Leading Dates in the Chronology oj English Translations from Dante ^ and a Chronological Table oj Eng- lish Translations oj Dante's Sei'eral Works and oj the Most Popular Selected Passages,^ which furnish interesting data for the history of Dante in English literature. 6 Harington (in 1591) rendered three lines of the Inferno in terza rima, but Hayley (in 1782) was the first who employed this metre in a sustained translation {Inferno i-iii). ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF TRANSLATORS WITH DATE OF FIRST TRANSLATION* (1746) Botta, Vincenzo . On the list of translators will be found some of the most illustrious names in English literature, including Chaucer, Milton, Gray, Byron, Coleridge, and Shelley among poets; and Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt, Landor, and Macaulay among essayists; three prime ministers are included in the list, viz., Grenville, Lord John Russell, and Gladstone; and two famous bishops (represented by a few lines each), Jeremy Taylor and Stillingfleet. %*The line references and the numbering of ihe poems of the Canzoniere in the Table are those of the Oxford Dante (third edition, 1904). —A few entries which came under my notice while this list was passing through the press will be found in the Appendix. (1785) 18 18) Bromby, Charles Hamilton (1897) 1821) Brooks, Charles Timothy . Longfellow's translation of the Divina Commedia, and Norton's of the Vita Nuova, are at least as famil- iar to most English readers of Dante nowadays as the versions of Cary and of Rossetti. Koch, the compiler of the admirable Catalogue of the Cornell Dante Collection, my obligations to which will be found recorded repeatedly in the following pages.