"South Africa is disadvantaged when it comes to internet penetration and high-speed broadband access, which has held back growth and market volume," he says.

South Africa has over 1 000 dating sites So you might be surprised to learn that there are more than 1 000 straight and gay sites operating in South Africa with names like e and operates a number of custom-branded platforms such as Fair Lady Flirt or Cosmopolitan Dating, puts their active users at around one million.

Suddenly the chances of a jilted lover, ex-boss or old school friend seeing your profile become almost as good as meeting someone you might one day want to introduce to your Facebook friends. That's why, when those first messages started rolling in for surfyogi, 12 in the first 24 hours to be exact, I had a sudden attack of the vulnerabilities.

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Plus, it’s free to join and search, and there’s a great tool that allows members to zoom in, and find other members in their area.

They’re also strict about the age of each candidate.

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