------------------------------------------------ GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY: 100% COMPLETION FAQ ________________________________________________ By Scott Mac Dowall --------- CONTENTS: _________ 1A: Copyright Notice 1B: Version Information 1C: Contact the Author 1D: Introduction (Read This First!

) 1E: General Advice 2A: Vice City East Walkthrough Begins 2B: Vice City West Walkthrough Begins 4A: Frequently Asked Questions 4B: 100% Checklist 4C: Credits --------------------- 1A: COPYRIGHT NOTICE: _____________________ This document copyright 2003 Scott Mac Dowall.

Also, make 2 save files, and take turns using them.

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(I am British though; hence I spell certain words differently to my American friends). Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------ 1D: INTRODUCTION (READ THIS FIRST!

): ____________________________________ Unlike other FAQ's, this walkthrough should be followed very closely like a book.

By using its step-by-step sequence it will show you the easiest way to complete GTA: Vice City 100%, and will guarantee you don't get stuck at 99%, provided you follow it closely.

There's no cheat codes, no unnecessary, boring, information, and no plot spoilers included - just straightforward good advice.

Suggestions on how to complete a level are welcome, but please note I must test them first, which can take time.

If you require help with the game I will try my best to reply IF the request is not clearly answered in the FAQ. There is a permanent backlog of emails about this FAQ, so if you have an urgent request, try asking on the Game Faq's message boards.

Start at step 1 and follow it through in sequence until the very end.

NOTE: This FAQ should be 99% applicable if you are playing the PC version of Vice City.

* If you're sitting in a car and you see a police officer running over to drag you out, quickly get out yourself unless you can accelerate to high speed quickly.

When on foot, the police must try to knock you down before they can arrest, but when in vehicle they merely need to open the door to bust you.

I strongly recommend you read the Frequently Asked Questions section first though. And please, do not be offended if for some unavoidable reason I cannot reply due to time constraints.