Shipping now with Air Remote at 9 ( Rs 8,200) 3D Doodler What if you could draw something, and then, instantly see it as a 3D object.

Of course, the 3D Doodler does not seem to be of any practical value. It's a cool concept that lets you do cool things - and that's more than enough for us.

The Oculus Rift is an immersive headset that promises to put you bang in the middle of any 3D game. And the wearer — visually isolated from the real world — is presented with stereo screens, one for each eye.

In videos on its website ( its inventors use the pen to create a 3D model of a dinosaur, and even the Eiffel Tower.

Using the Doodler, you can trace objects on paper, and peel them off.

The app on your i Phone and Android device then organizes the photos on a timeline, complete with information on when you took it and where you were, to work as 'photographic memory' even after many years. Of course, like any social network, you can choose to share specific pictures with friends . Still, if Aamir Khan had this in Ghajini , he wouldn't have to roam around with a clunky Polaroid camera.

Besides, its looks like something we'd like to have.

And after a few hours of practice, you'll probably be able to create more intricate objects in a 3D space.

Using the pen, you can create toys, wall hangings and even jewellery.

Unlike other digital shooters, this piece of engineering, automatically takes two snapshots per minute and tags them with GPS data.