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He is disturbed by his large white pony and has a last to give up and pull his horse out of the ring. Camelia and her husband Andreefcu Bogdan toured last season with Zirkus Charles Knie in .

Then the clown Allando (alias Jan Allan) enters the ring hunting a dangerous panda-bear.

But in the Danish comedian Soren Ostergaard's Tivoli Variety you can this summer apart from Soren and the female comedian Sidse Babett Knudsen and the singers The Oysters Sisters meet the Finnish magician Marko Karvo, the Swedish bike acrobat Nelly Jane and Peter Hoeg.

At the very last page in the Danish author Peter Hoeg's new novel "The silent girl" one can read: "Thanks to Jes Bertelsen, Erik Hoeg, Karen Hoeg, Nelly Jane, Jakob Malling Lambert and Otto von Moltke-Leth".

The book will as Diana's first book be available in Danish only.