The victim, now in his 20s, said a psychiatrist helped him understand he’d missed out on normal dating rituals.

Pontbriand, now a mother of two, alienated him from family and friends, he said, “so as to satisfy her own egotistic and sexual desires.

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The sponge also contains a spermicide, which helps to absorb and trap sperm.

The diaphragm is a cap, made of latex or silicone and nylon, that covers the cervix and prevents sperm and from entering.

In August, Quebec Justice Valmont Beaulieu stated the obvious when he addressed the double standard in the treatment of teachers who have sex with students: “The sexual exploitation of a male adolescent by a female teacher must be punished just the same as a male posing the same actions toward a female adolescent,” he said before sentencing Tania Pontbriand to 20- and 18-month jail terms to be served concurrently, plus two years probation.

The former high school gym teacher from Rosemère, Que., had been found guilty of sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a male student with whom she had a two-year relationship.

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Male condoms are inexpensive, readily available without a prescription, and used only at the time of sexual content.

They are worn over the penis during sexual intercourse or oral sex and they come in a variety of sizes, thinness, textures, and colours/flavours.