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Everything about her makes me cringe, she is a spoiled brat with absolutely no consideration for others, entitled in a disgusting manner, even manages to lose the kitty (if you're a cat person, this alone will make you hate her), is dumb as a brick, borders on stalker with her Idol fetish and yet is never brought to any accountability for her actions. Thank you, UF for the awesome 20 episodes, I almost cried for every episode esp. No choice but to wait Lol at ppl when before the drama will be airing ppl be like " the highest rating for the years" "sure that can beat dots" lmao after the ratings is getting lower " i dont care about the ratings? Highschool = 10 years ago, College = 5 years ago, Adult = present. We'll see what happens with that, but I don't think I'll ever start with a new series again.