Meanwhile, Savannah's fancy new ride causes Todd to put her and Nanny Faye's driving skills to the test.Season 5, Episode 9 CCTV-14HD When Todd refuses to celebrate anyone but Faye for Mother’s Day, Julie and Lindsie decide to make their own plans.Unable to free themselves, the three do their best to make it through Kelly's stuffy dinner party.

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Meanwhile, Todd and Juie fret about Savannah, who's convalescing at the family home after a bad car wreck.

Season 5, Episode 5 CCTV-14HD It's all hands on deck when Savannah struggles with a project for her clothing line.

And when Chase has Grayson over for some brotherly bonding, the bonding goes out the window.

Season 5, Episode 8 CCTV-14HD Todd and Julie find themselves at odds about Grayson growing up when he's invited to his first tween dance.

Despite Skinner's efforts to raise his best friend's spirits, Bucket wants nothing to do with the holidays.

Season 2, Episode 6 CCTV-GHD Bucket recognizes the pretty new girl, Leslie, as the crazy girl from summer camp who stalked him.

But when they accidentally get most of the squad sick they must convince rival Aloe to help and fill in.

Season 2, Episode 11 CCTV-GHD Piper teaches Bucket and Skinner martial arts, and makes them think they are better than they actually are.

And Chase schemes with Nanny Faye to get Todd to accept his dog, Lilo.

Season 5, Episode 4 CCTV-14HD Chase accepts Todd's challenge to market the juice bar, but quickly realizes that selling juice is hard.

But after the now-confident guys accept a challenge to fight the school bully, Piper and Kelly must set them straight.